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For more than 20 years that the Prophet RAEL, spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement, the last Messenger of the Elohim, creators of humanity laboratory expresses tirelessly his infinite love for the people of the black continent urging them to return to their roots and traditions which lie the hidden keys of the glorious future of this continent (www.raelafrica.org).

Africa is about 30 million square kilometers with 1,101,000 inhabitants, while China and the United States is 10 million km ² each with respectively 1,361,000 and 316 million inhabitants.

Before colonization, the African people lived in harmony in kingdoms whose natural boundaries were defined by the ethnic groups they composed. Following colonization, most ethnic communities, as these kingdoms in which they lived, find themselves divided between several states at once, and with rules often at odds with the development of their cultures.

The result is the growing number of conflicts and social instabilities that occur increasingly, compromising the development of Africa, a continent that is full yet the greatest wealth of the planet.

The call of the Prophet Rael has already received full support from royalties and traditional leaders of Burkina Faso and Côte d'Ivoire who came to listen to him in December 2006.

On this occasion, the Prophet RAEL urged Africans to find the original name of their continent, before the Arab invasion and the European colonization, was CHAMA or KAMA; which makes its inhabitants, the Kamit (Kama also recalls the land of Cham, or the country of the descendants of black son of Noah).

To save our humanity, we must save Africa; to save Africa, we must create the United Kingdoms of Kama (RUK) ... Ethnic groups Kama is the future of humanity, it is not only the future of Kama itself Prophet RAEL has he concluded. This website is a portal to this new direction of the fight for the true freedom of the Kamits, all the Kamits scattered all across the continent. It is essentially an invitation to Kamits to:

  • know their enormous and beautiful contribution to the evolution of our humanity, their religious, scientific and human contribution;
  • discover how the blood and love of our ancestors helped develop the Americas, how the blood and love of our ancestors have saved Europe from chaos since the dawn of time;
  • reclaim long hidden truths about their continent.

This site also highlights the relationships with the great Kamits empires and the people of the Middle and the Far East since the dawn of time. This site is finally an invitation of other people to discover the hidden history of black people and to love us in our difference. This site is to be consulted, visited and to be enriched together.

Kamits and proud to be, Kamits resident Kama, Kamits willingly or unwillingly part of the diaspora, Kamits taken away from their homeland by the odious slave trade.., Kamits from the Diaspora, this site is an invitation to discover your forgotten or ignored history and the world, the true story of your ancestors to destroy in you this inferiority complex against other white people in particular.

All together for the restoration of the dignity of Kamit people, All together for the creation of the United Kingdoms of Kama (RUK), a confederation of the united ethnic States formed on the basis of the respective territories of ethnic groups living on the black continent.

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