The Maitreya

Everyone has now heard of RAEL, especially since December 2002 when a member of the Raelian Movement, Dr. Brigitte Boisselier, announced the cloning of the first baby.

Thirty years ago RAEL founded the Raelian Movement, following a contact with the ELOHIM, the extra-terrestrials who created all life scientifically on Earth. Traces of their epic masterpiece, where life was genetically engineered, can still be found in ancient texts such as the Bible, which itself is the oldest atheist book in the world. In fact, the Raelian philosophy proves that there is not god.

RAEL reminds us how we are equaling ourselves to the ELOHIM through our exploration of space, our quest for new technologies and especially our discovery of cloning, which in combination with memory transfer holds the key to eternal life.

The Raelian Movement, like Buddhism, is an atheist religion, with already 60000 members in 86 countries, each helping RAEL to promote this pro-science and anti-superstitious philosophy. RAEL is presently leading a campaign to help mankind let go of its outdated superstitious beliefs, especially the belief in god, and replace them with science and reason.

As the ELOHIM's messenger, RAEL brings us a revolutionary explanation of our origins and a glimpse of a wonderful future thanks to science. He is also an exceptional awakener, who for the last 30 years has been teaching courses of Sensual Meditation whose immeasurable wisdom has brought happiness to thousands of people.

In Asia, RAEL is the Maitreya, the long awaited Buddha from the West.

This book contains a few extracts of his wonderful teaching, designed to help us let go of our fears and guilt inherited from our Judeo-Christian Muslim education. He brings us a new spirituality based on a scientific understanding of the brain and consciousness. His mission is to help humanity step into the golden age, which we will be able to build thanks to the new technologies, to keep our balance through meditation and replace the culture of "having", which presently dominates our world, with a new culture of "Being".


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