Yes to human cloning

Today's new cloning technology is the first step in the quest for immortality or eternal life. What past religions used to promise only after death in a mythical paradise will soon be a scientific reality on Earth - this is Rael's challenging conclusion in an incisive and wide-ranging review of how science is about to revolutionise all our lives.

Once we can clone exact replicas of ourselves, the next step will be to transfer our memory and personality into our newly cloned brains and this will allow us to truly live forever, he writes. Since we will be able to remember our past, we will be able to accumulate knowledge indefinitely.

And so now, man's ultimate dream of eternal life, which past religions only promised after death in a mythical paradise, becomes a scientific reality. RAEL, with exceptional vision allows us an extraordinary glimpse into an amazing future and explains how our nascent technology will revolutionize our world and transform our lives.

Rael is the spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, the world's largest UFO-related organisation ( which has a membership of 55,000 people in 84 countries. Three years ago he set up CLONAID, the first company offering to clone human beings ( His earlier books have sold over a million copies in more than twenty languages.

Here Rael with rare vision sketches details of an amazing future in which our nascent technology will revolutionise and transform the world. Nano-technology, he explains, will make agriculture and heavy industry redundant, super-artificial intelligence will quickly outstrip human intelligence - and eternal life will be possible in a computer without the need for a biological body!

These developments, he warns, are not 22nd century science fiction. All this will happen in the next twenty years - and this book's purpose, he says, is to prepare us for an unimaginably beautiful world-turned-paradise where nobody will need to work ever again!


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