Create a free trade area

AfricaRemarks made in Brazzaville, 14th December 2001 (…) Push your politicians to initiate this. The creation of an African Union is delayed by inaction of the OAU, because when it moves two steps, she immediately takes three steps backward. Start with your immediate neighbours. Suggest to your politicians just start with neighbouring countries by establishing a free trade zone, then another, then yet another, and after a while, those who did not want to join the free trade zone, will feel the grass cut under their feet. The OAU would have to be pedalling ...

Accelerate the process. It has to happen. Not in 40 years, otherwise you will add to the delay you have today. This should have been done before Europe before NAFTA. Establish a free trade because if all products, commodities circulate without customs and without taxes, among all African countries, you will have access to the wealth

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