Imagine a world of peace, where disease has been eradicated, there is plenty of food for everyone on the planet, no one has to work and everyone is free to do exactly as they wish, developing their senses, their capacity for pleasure and their consciousness. This is technologically and sociologically possible today, if only we put the smart people in charge. The problem is that we are ruled by idiots and the corrupt, who are unable to see further than their own self interest.

The author of this book proposes to create a world government made up of geniuses elected democratically, or rather elected geniocratically which means by the more intelligent, as the only way to get us out of this mess that the mediocrity (mediocre, which from the Greek means average) of our random democracy has got us into. It is the present mediocrity which means that the voice of an Einstein or a Descartes is worth no more than the dimmest of the mentally handicapped. Since the proportion of mentally handicapped in the population is equal to the proportion of geniuses, and the number of people of low intelligence is equal to those of high intelligence, it follows that the slice of the population who sway the balance during elections are those of medium intelligence, that is to say those of mediocre intelligence to use the etymology of the word.

Now that we can measure intelligence more precisely, it is easy enough to evaluate everyone’s level and allow the right to vote to only those who are 10% above average and allow eligibility to only those who are 50% above average. That is GENIOCRACY. A form of democracy since it is the basic intelligence which counts and not the number of diplomas accumulated, but a selective democracy which doesn’t discriminate on the basis of social status or culture of origin, but only takes into account their ability to imagine, basic “common sense


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